Over powering the color of nature

Sometime when we are shooting on location, we often experience a sudden temperature change. When warm air mixes with cold air, it results in fog. This is the time we get our gear ready and start capturing the beauty of nature.
The most common mistake made by photographers when it comes to (fashion/nature) is, over powering the color of nature with strobe. Over powering with strobe will results in unnatural highlight and shadow that falls on the background, which also kill the mood of the whole scenario.

Go easy on the strobe, falls the light soft and easy to your subject, bounced the light to wash out the edge of the shadow. Just remember we carry all the equipment here for the nature not a Chroma key green screen.


About Jeff Hui

Of all professions, photography is the easiest and most difficult to learn and master. Is a successful career in photography due to luck? Perhaps it is, but the lucky stories of my fellow photographers leads me to believe that there has to be something more. A photograph is a mirror to society at a specific moment in time. Whether it be a moment of joy or the epitome of disaster, the ability to capture and freeze it in time is the fuel that motivates me to as a photographer. A picture may never be worth a thousand words to me, but might be worth a few. After all, a thousand words may entertain a crowd but a few words can touch the heart and soul of one.

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